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Welcome to Quick Hotel Find®, we are a result-oriented Hotel and Travel website, founded by Susan Pocock. Susan is an open-minded who loves learning new things. Traveling is her passion. It provides her with a glimpse into non-conceptual reality – fundamental freedom or emptiness, especially when she is away from familiar linguistic and social environment. Apart from her love for traveling and exploring new things, Susan is also a web developer with over eighteen years experience. She likes to make all her websites as simple, practical and logical as possible.


Travel has helped Susan to define and shape who she is today. Experiencing new things in a different culture has often stretched her comfort zone, but they left her with some amazing memories. Travel has also developed a set of unique skills and sense of resourcefulness. It has made her a more interesting person and inspires her to keep doing more. Her knowledge in web design combined with her passion for traveling inspired her to create Quick Hotel Find®.


If you are looking for a reliable website that specializes in Hotels and Travels, look no further, Quick Hotel Find® is here for you. For more inquiry, feel free to contact us via email at susan@quickhotelfind.com. At Quick Hotel Find®, your satisfaction is our primary focus.